About Us

Hello and welcome to “Thermal Insulation UK”:

Thermal Insulation UK is a new service for anyone connected with or requiring:

  • Industrial Insulation Contractors / Laggers
  • Thermal Insulation Covers / Jackets / Mats

What do we provide:

blog and ‘reference point’ for thermal insulation suppliers, facility managers and those involved in procurement. It seeks to provide relevant information on:

  • Thermal Insulation Contractors / Engineers
  • Thermal Insulation Covers / Jackets / Mats

We promote the services of experienced service providers with various blog posts on projects they have completed. These may be viewed from the blog posts listed.

Our approved and listed companies operate on a National level – their details are listed below and they welcome enquires of any size.

Industrial Insulation Services – Tel: 01706 344440 – www.iis-uk.co.uk

Thermal Insualtion Contractors

LK Thermal Covers – Tel: 07912 850 728 – www.lkthermalcovers.co.uk

Thermal Insulation Covers

Please use this blog as a reference point, however, you are requested to contact the respective company directly for your specific needs.

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